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Automatic pallet wrapping machine T1650F

Products description:

  • Package:Wooden Package
  • Size:2545*1650*2880mm
  • Model:T1650F

    Products description:

    Automatic pallet wrapping machine T1650F

    Technical indicators


    T1650F Auto pallet stretch wrapping machine

    Wrapping size


    Pallet Wrapping Max. Size


    Wrapping height

    L model:1800mm    H model:2400mm



    Turntable Speed

    0-14 RPM Adjustable, control by transducer, speed adjustable

    Turntable Max. Loading


    Turntable Size 

    Dia.: 1650mm Height: 85mm

    Up&down system

    Pulley bearing,moving steady

    Control System

    Automatic switch and manual switch is can at any time

    Turntable Extra Functions

    Steady in START and STOP, automatic restore to ZERO

    Motor Power

    Turntable: 0.75KW Film Shaft: 0.23KW  Main Shaft: 0.37KW

    Net Weight 


    Power Supply



    Special size can be customized

    Packing size


    Product Description

    YP - T1650F pallet stretch wrapping machine for the packing of the goods in container and bulk tray. Wrapping machine is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverages, building materials, etc. To improve logistics efficiency, reduce the loss in the process of transportation, has the advantages of dustproof, moisture, reduce the packaging cost, is the ideal choice of the upgrade the product packaging.

    Product Features

    1.PLC programmable control
    2.Turntable choose pure steel and high wear-resisting material
    3.Automatic switch and manual switch is can at any time
    4..Photoelectric switch, automatic reaction measuring the height of the goods 
    5.Choose wear-resisting rubber roller, long service life
    6.Membrane frame is pre-stretch structure which can amount to 250%, reduce the consumption of film

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