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DX small stainless steel medicine grinder machine

Products description:

  • Model:DX-15
  • Size:250*420*460mm
  • Package:wooden packing

    Products description:

    DX-15 small stainless steel powder grinder machine
    Grain grinder machine

    This grinding machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemical, metallurgy, geology, agriculture, scientific 

    research and other units, for many varieties of Chinese herbal medicine, precious herbs, ore, chemical raw 

    materials smash processing.

    The structural characteristics

    The machine has a reasonable structure, stable operation, easy operation and low working noise. The 

    machine is equipped with an air-cooled device to reduce the temperature of the machine and the working 

    part is enclosed in a stainless steel body. The high-speed operation achieves the advantages of low drug consumption, .

    The installation instructions

    This machine is packed, disassembled, moved to the appropriate place for use (pay attention to the smoothness 

    of the ground), the power (the steering wheel and arrow signs the same) can be used.

    Technical parameter
    Spindle speed: 6000r/min
    Crushed fineness: 60-200 mesh
    Production capacity: 5-20kg
    Working noise: less than 85db
    Weight: 30kg
    Material limit: 20-30mm
    Equipped with motor: 1.5kw
    Dimension: 250*420*460mm

    Working principle

    The machine through the motor drive shaft for high-speed rotation, the spindle is equipped with a movable 

    hammer, and the fixed gear on the machine wall for relative collision movement, the material by the hammer 

    teeth collision, friction, get smashed each other. Crushed good material by rotating centrifugal force through 

    the sieve screening into the capture bag.

    Instructions for use

    Before use should check the transmission parts are loose and other abnormal phenomenon, the machine 

    running direction should be consistent with the direction of the arrow.

    Use the first no-load test for 1-2 minutes until no abnormal phenomenon can be expected to vote before 

    feeding, should gradually increase the flow of material, and observe the motor current consumption and 

    operation at any time until the feed and current balance operation is normal, Can be set to die under the 

    gate, work.

    Halfway as the material is too wet, too sticky sticky, affecting the powder, the material should be dried or 

    replace the thicker screen. Replacing the screen simply opens the front cover. When installing the front 

    cover should pay attention to the hand wheel must be tightened to ensure that the front cover and the chassis sealed.

    Stop feeding before stopping, let the machine run 5-10 minutes before shutting down. In order to reduce 

    the residual material.

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