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DZ-400 single-chamber food vacuum packing machine

Products description:

  • Model:DZ400-2D
  • Size:520*490*540mm
  • Package:Wooden packing

    Products description:

    DZ-400 single-chamber food vacuum packing machine/sealer machine


    Small make custom vacuum packaging machine, Pork and fish vacuum packed meat


    This small packaging machine is full stainless steel body closed, axial cooling form, resistant to harsh environments for a long time continuous use with high stability. Is the leading domestic models, can replace imported models.

    This home vacuum sealer machine is suitable for such things as meat processing, pickled products, aquatic products, seafood processing, vegetable processing, processing of agricultural and sideline products, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, medicinal materials, electrical appliances, chemical products, After filling inert gas packaging, can prevent mildew oxidation products, corruption, moisture to extend the shelf life of the product.



    1. Users can design special specifications (non-standard) various models

    2. There are two vacuum cover, optional plexiglass cover, and not embroidered steel cover for choose

    3. Vacuum machine is mainly a vacuum pump, and the vacuum chamber seal, the factory vacuum chamber 304 stainless steel, strong resistance to pumping

    4. Each vacuum machine through testing before leave factory

    5. All wooden packaging, safe and reliable

    Technical Parameter

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