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DZ260 Small Desktop vacuum packaging machine

Products description:

  • Model:DZ260
  • Size:480*330*350mm
  • Package:Wooden packing

    Products description:

    DZ260 Small Desktop vacuum pack bags cheap vacuum sealer machine


      This machine is suitable for such things as meat processing, coffee packaging machine, pickled products, aquatic products, seafood processing, vegetable processing, processing of agricultural and sideline products, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, medicinal materials, electrical appliances, chemical products, After filling inert gas packaging, can prevent mildew oxidation products, corruption, moisture to extend the shelf life of the product.

      Machine configuration features using the new microcomputer control system, the packaging parameters set accurately. Clearly display the working parameters, to facilitate the operator to understand the whole process of packaging, simple and convenient operation, stable performance

       Configured my factory designated special pump. High degree of vacuum, low noise, durability and other properties. Improve the working efficiency and service life of equipment. Pump model XP125 # XP135 # 020 # pump optional.

       Made of high-quality acrylic vacuum cap, transparent and solid, easy to operate and understand the whole process of packaging. Vacuum with groove design, 304 # stainless steel material, in line with food hygiene requirements.

       Vacuum pump motor with spring design, the machine can work in the operation always maintain low noise.

       Vacuum chamber sealing ring is made of high-quality materials to ensure the continuous use of equipment in harsh environments for a long time, with high sealing, pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Extend the service life of the seal.

     Note: Users can design special specifications (non-standard) various models


    Technical Parameters

    Model: DZ260

    Chamber size: 385*280*50/80mm

    Sealing length: L260*W10mm

    Pumping speed: 20m3/h

    Voltage: 110V 220V 50Hz

    Material: 304 stainless steel

    Cover material: High-strength plexiglass

    Pump power: 0.375kw

    Weight: 40kg

    Dimension: 480*330*350mm

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