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DZ500 single chamber automatic vacuum machine

Products description:

  • Package:Wooden packing
  • Size:600*610*1000mm
  • Model:DZ500-2D

    Products description:

    DZ500 single chamber automatic vacuum machine

    This heat sealing machine is used for food storage vacuum sealer, like rice, tea, is one beat vacuum sealer machine for home and factory using


    Food Vacuum wrapping/packaging machine to plastic composite film or plastic foil composite film for packaging materials, a variety of instruments and medicines, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruits, aquatic products, native products, chemical raw materials. Whether solid, powder, paste or liquid can be vacuum heat sealing packaging. Due to the high degree of vacuum in the bag, it can effectively prevent the spoilage and deterioration of the items caused by the oxidation and bacteria propagation of the lipid products, thus achieving the functions of maintaining the quality, preserving the freshness, preserving the taste and preserving the color, prolonging the storage period of the products, Of the items, reduced packaging volume after vacuum packaging, easy to transport storage.



    1. Turn on the power

    2. Turn on the power switch, set the vacuum time according to the requirements of vacuum packaging

    3. According to the material of the vacuum bag to set the sealing temperature and sealing time

    4. Place the product on the sealing strip

    5. Depress vacuum cap to start vacuuming

    6. When reaching a certain degree of vacuum, enter the sealing process

    7. After the seal into the cooling state, and then deflated, the package is completed

    Technical Parameter

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