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P500 Wrapping machine

Products description:

  • Model:P500
  • Size:1460*840*1492mm
  • Package:Wooden packing

    Products description:

    P500F Shrink Wrap Machine

    Y Series Reel Wrapper is a machine designed for packing rolls of paper, film, dipped tire cord fabric and similar materials manufactured in reels.

    It is ideal for reel axial wrapping across the cylindrical diameter then along the longitudinal axis.

    This packing method can form a cocoon type packing.

    It is completely Moisture Water & Dust proof packing and protects the products.

    It is used in luggage plastic wrap, pallet wrap machine.

    Technology Data

    Wrapping size

    diameter(200-800mm); width(200-500mm)

    Turntable speed

    0-12 variable speed by frequency changer

    Packing efficiency

    20-40 rolls/hour

    Turntable height


    Turntable capacity


    Machine shape size


    Power supply


    Film carriage

    Pre-stretch film carriage, up to 250%,automatic feeding film

    Control system

    PLC, wrapping layer, wrapping times is adjustable


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