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R1800F Automatic Round Wrapping Machine

Products description:

  • Model:R1800F
  • Size:4300mm*2320mm*3530mm
  • Package:Wooden Carton

    Products description:

    R1800F Automatic Round Wrapping Machine

    1. PLC easy operation control; Pre-stretch system up to 300% of the film length (customized); designed for extremely or very light pallets or unstable pallets; Alarm light for machine in operation.

    2. European standard design and manufacture, same quality, but Chinese market price; pass CE certificate.

    3. Stable performance, working life 10 years, quality guarantee 2 years.

    4. Accept customer’s design personal order, satisfy customer’s different requirements, automatic sensor goods and packing, transporting type can use roller, belt, chain panel. And install pneumatic film cut & wipe system ect.

    5. Widely used for food, beverage, chemical, paper, building material

    6. Mainly used for logistic, big production, light or weight goods.

    Product type

    R1800F Rotary-arm Winding Wrapping Machine

    Wrapping product size


    Wrapping efficiency

    20-40 piece/h

    Rotary arm speed

    0~15rpm transducer speed

    Rotary arm capacity

    high sensitive emergency stop system, rotary arm automatic re-back

    Carriage system

    Pre-stretch film carriage, up to 250%, automatic transporting film, speed is adjustable

    Control system

    PLC programme control

    Up and down upright 

    Single chain structure, speed is adjustable 

    Machine weight

    680Kg (not include support)

    Outside dimensions

    4300mm×2320mm×3530mm(not include transporting line

    Power and voltage

    Rotary arm 0.55kw, film carriage 0.37kw, upright 0.37kw/AC220V

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