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TDP-0T small single punch hand pill making machine

Products description:

  • Size:36*28*45cm
  • Model:TDP-0T
  • Package:wooden packing

    Products description:

    TDP-0T small single punch hand held pill making machine

    TDP-0 model small hand held tablet machine is manual single punch pill press machine, no motor, the press speed according to yourself hand speed, automatic feeding powder, hand light, low noise, light weight, even cut power not have function production.

    This pill making machine with one set punch die, the depth of filling material, tablet thickness can adjustable, can adapt to the pharmaceutical tablet production industrial to suppress variety of tablets.


    TDP0 hand held manual pill press machine technical parameters

    * Production: 30-50 pcs/min

    * Max press pressure: 15KN

    * Press diameter: 5-10mm

    * Max press thickness: 2-6mm

    * Total weight: 20kg

    * Dimension: 36*28*45cm

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