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TDP 1.5 Single Punch Tablet Press machine for lab

Products description:

  • Size:570*380*630mm
  • Model:TDP 1.5
  • Package:Wood packing

    Products description:

    TDP 1.5 (Aluminum) Single Punch Tablet Press machine for lab

    Detail Product Specification

    This machine is used to compress all kinds of powdered raw materials into tablets, which can be widely used

    in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospital, scientific research and other units, trial production or small 

    batch production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, shaped tablets, And according to customer

    requirements to transform the mold, can be produced into the ring can be suppressed.

    Main Technical Parameters

    * Die number: 1 set
    * Maximum tablet diameter: 12 mm
    * Maximum fill depth: 11 mm
    * Maximum tablet thickness: 6 mm
    * Production capacity: 4500-6000 pieces/hour
    * Voltage: 220v / 380v / 110v
    * Speed: 1400r / min
    * Motor power: 370w
    * Machine weight: 70kg


    * We can offer make custom punch dies according to your drawing

    * Machine voltage can make custom

    * Machine use import wooden packing to protect product

    * Each machine with one set free standard diameter punch dies

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