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TDP5 single punch pill press compressor machine

Products description:

  • Model:TDP5
  • Size:650*440*650mm
  • Package:wooden packing

    Products description:

    TDP5 single punch pill press compressor machine

    Pill Making Machine Information

    This compressor machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other 

    industrial sectors, for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals and other departments to suppress the 

    tablets, catalyst, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgy, electronic components and 

    various Agricultural fertilizer tablets and so on. 

    It can suppress a variety of shaped, and can be pressed on both sides marked with trademarks, text and 

    simple graphics tablets and can be transformed into compressible rings according to customer requirements.

    TDP5 single tablet press machine Technical Specification

    Max press pressure: 50KN/60KN

    Max press diameter: 20mm

    Filling depth: 18mm

    Press production: 4500pcs/h

    Motor power: 550w

    Motor speed: 1400r/min

    Machine weight: 120kg

    Function:For a variety of powder raw materials compressed tablets, all kinds of special-shaped pill, the round tablets

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