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VH-2B Powder mixer blender mixer machine

Products description:

  • Size:450*260*460mm
  • Model:VH-2B
  • Package:Wooden packing

    Products description:

    VH-2B Powder portable mixer blender mixer machine

    Introduce: This product is V-efficient asymmetric mixer, it is suitable for chemical industry, food, medicine,

    feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries powder or granular materials mixed. 

    The machine is reasonable in structure, simple in operation and close in operation. It is convenient for 

    entering and exiting the material. The barrel (made of artificial or vacuum) is made of stainless steel for 

    easy cleaning. It is one of the basic equipment of the enterprise.

    This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food powder, granulated material mixing.

    The machine mix cylinder unique structure, mixing, high efficiency, not plot. Machine structure is simple, 

    easy to operate. External surface and material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel, 

    handsome in appearance, maintenance, cleaning convenience.

    The principle and structure:

    One end of the machine is equipped with motor and reducer, the motor power to the reducer through the

    belt, reducer and then passed to the V-shaped barrel. Continuous operation of the V-barrel to bring the 

    barrel of material in the barrel up, down, left and right for mixing.

    Use and maintenance:

    1, Installation: The mechanical stability, installed machine feet, pad flat, so that machinery can operate freely.

    2, Before using, add the oil to the fueling station, and then perform the no-load operation, check whether

     the fasteners are loose, the electrical is normal, the machinery is operating normally, and repair and debug if there is any abnormality.

    3, the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cap feeding, the feeding amount can not exceed the 

    required volume, and then close the feeding cap, start the machine to run, en route if found abnormal, you must stop then checking.

    4, after using or change the species must hopper inside and outside rinse.

    Main technical parameter
    Model: VH-2B
    Barrel volume: 2L
    Work volume: 0.6l
    Motor power: 250w
    Mixing speed: 24r/min

    Dimension: 450*260*460mm

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