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ZP-35D automatic stainless steel rotary tablet pre

Products description:

  • Model:DP35D
  • Size:980*1240*1690 mm
  • Package:wooden packing

    Products description:

    ZP-35D automatic stainless steel rotary tablet press price

    1, This pill making machine is a kind of automatic rotation, frequency control, continuous tabletting machine. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of tablets, but also for chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors, will be pressed into tablets from granular raw materials.

    2, This pill tablet maker machine is suitable for the compaction of granular raw materials with powder content (100 mesh or more) not more than 10%. This pharmaceutical machinery equipment is not suitable for semi-solid, wet particles, low melting point, moisture-sensitive raw materials and non-particle powder suppression.


    Technical parameters


    * Rotary stamping number: 35 dies

    * The maximum working pressure: 80 kN

    * Maximum tablet diameter: 13 mm

    * The maximum filling depth: 15 mm

    * The maximum film thickness: 6 mm

    * Production capacity: 6-15 million / hour

    * Die diameter : 6 mm

    * Upper and lower punch diameter: 22 mm

    * Turntable working diameter: 420 mm

    * Upper and lower punch length: 115 mm

    * Host motor 4 kw

    * Host weight 1800 kg

    * Host (length × width × height) : 980 × 1240 × 1690 mm


    Structure and Principle

    1,This tabletting machine use inverter motor speed , through the synchronous belt drive worm gear drive so that the turntable rotation. Turntable rotation 35 punch for clockwise operation. Each punch through the upper and lower rails and pressure rollers and other institutions composed of feeding, filling, tabletting and the film and other tabletting process.

    2, This powder pill press machines pressure, filling, film thickness and speed can be adjusted, all the adjustment hand wheel are on the front of the machine, and instructions on the operation panel instructions. Simple operation, easy maintenance.

    3, ZP35D tablet press drive mechanism and the compression chamber is completely isolated, in order to ensure that tablets meet GMP requirements. Non-toxic, non-corrosive stainless steel plates are used to isolate the tablets from the rest of the chamber. There are seals around to prevent cross-contamination with the outside world.

    4, the pressure wheel is equipped with unloading device, the pressure can be adjusted, when the working pressure of the punch rod exceeds the pre-set pressure, then unloaded by the compression of the spring, and sound and light signals emitted by the buzzer, the machine immediately Stop to prevent mechanical damage.

    5, The high speed rotary tablet press machine uses a closed immersion lubrication worm gear drive, extending the service life of worm gear drive.

    6, The automatic tablet compression machine's upper rail, drive worm, hopper, feeder, filling track and other spare parts are ZP33-type tabletting machine. The machine die in line with the standard "JB20022-2004", and ZP33, 19-type tablet press universal.

    7, The pill pressing machine's two side panels and rear side panels can be opened with a dedicated key, so that the maintenance and repair of the machine more convenient.

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