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ZP5/7/9A Mini Rotary Tablet Pres Machine Price

Products description:

  • Package:Wooden packing
  • Size:660*560*1450mm
  • Model:ZP5/7/9A

    Products description:

    ZP5/7/9A Mini Rotary Tablet Pres  Machine Price

    Detail Product Specification

    The tablet press machine meet with the GMP standard. 

    The compaction chamber is completely separated from the transmission mechanism. The parts that come into

    contact with the drug are made of stainless steel or special treatment on the surface. The non-toxic and 

    corrosion-resistant, compression chamber is closed with transparent plexiglass to prevent pollution. Surface see beauty.

    Tablet press machine price

    Main Technical Parameters

    Punch mold No.: 5/7/9sets

    * Max press pressure: 40KN/60KN

    * Max filling depth: 12mm

    * Max press diameter: 10mm

    * Max pill thickness: 6mm

    * Max production capacity: 8660/14400/20160 pcs/hour

    * Motor: 1.5kw, 380V, 50Hz

    * Machine weight: 186kg

    Machine Advantage

    * Rotary pill press

    High material utilization

    * Reasonable structure, easy to operate

    * Small size, high pressure, low noise, tablet weight difference is small

    Material filling depth, tablet thickness can be adjusted continuously

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